About Felix

First of all, would like to say  hello,or as the say in my language “Hafa Adai”.   I appreciate you taking the time is learn more about me.

Am originally from the beautiful island of Guam,now living in Colorado.

Growing up I traveled a lot because my dad was in the  US Navy.    Places like  California,Nevada,Hawaii,and Guam.  To be honest…  As a  kid I didn’t like traveling much.  I was very shy,had very low self esteem and really didn’t know what to do with my life!

While I was living on Guam,every thing changed for me when I got introduced to personal development,by being a part of a Network Marketing company!    The many books that I have read,the cd’s that I have listened too,has made me  the person I am today!

I love to learn from people that have a passion,in helping others to bring out the greatness in them.   I truly  believe that every body has  greatness within them.  They just need someone to help them bring it out!

Once again thanks for stopping by!  Take care and God Bless!


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